Friday, March 1, 2013

Old table proudly Presents: the "Classic Cuts" Series!

Here's some fresh links that should work for your listening pleasure and convenience...


Taking Care of Business (2012)
The title says it all on this one folks. It's Old table taking care of the business they call their very own. Taken from one legendary night of sessions in January 2012 at Teh Olive Garden Recording Studios in the Bronx NY, Plus other scattered 4 track gems peppering the album to delectable entrepreneurial perfection.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "Hurricane Chris" "Freedom of Property" & "Baptist Church"

Sexual Reproduction (2008)

Some call it the first "listenable" Ot album. Simplified to Guitar, Cello, and Vocal. This short collection showcases some of the most sophisticated emo cuts in the Table oeuvre.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "High School", "No Words Exchanged", "The Rounds"

Messin' 'Round. A eulogy to carefree childish expression, as a road is paved against it's will to a segregated consciousness of one form or another. 28 tracks.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "George Clooney in Outer Space", "A Warning to Students of Academic Philosophy", "What Can I Say?"

'06 (1806)

Technically Ot's first full length album, '06 is an ode to a year of pain and pleasure, justice and indifference, retardation and ridiculousness, Country heartbreak and Suburban complacency. 1806.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "Countin'", "An Eyelid", "Art Critic Time-Farting"

Animal Trilogy (2003-2005)

Anthology of the first 3 Old table tapes. Mental Horse, The Bear and Spiteful Crow. Expertly remastered from original archival source tapes by GW Duncanson.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "Accordion Mechanic", "Late July Alien's Blood", "Feral Hog pt II"