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The Political Mind of William Moloney

I’ve attempted to put together a collection of my most Political Songs. Soon all my albums will be taken off the internet so I’m leaving little imprints of their existence around for those interested.

The first political science professor I had at Westchester Community College was pretty cool. He was what people call a “crazy conspiracy theorist” He wanted people to call him “Joe”.

Joe can be seen asking Noam Chomsky for an Autograph in the movie Power and Terror: in Our Times. Joe told us about COINTELPRO and CIA Assasinations and “secret” wars and things like that. For the final project he had everyone pick an event or topic like this from a list and write about whether they agreed or not with his perspective. Joe was a visionary or is a visionary I don’t know what he’s up to now. He had a mullet or STLB (Short on Top Long on Bottom haircut). He talked about the circular nature of “Right Wing” Facism and “Left Wing” Communism. The conclusion I’ve come to is that labels are a trap impeding collectivized notions of value.

What purpose could a “democratic” tax collecting government possibly have other than to set values and moral standards to collective resources and or the materially symbolic representation of credit. The only thing “our government” seems to be concerned with is the direction of the monopolization of violence.

Anyway school sucks and it can’t acknowledge it’s relationship to the ills of society because it is not yet fully alienated and separate from them.

So anyway you might say I have a na├»ve view but maybe that’s the only way to extract value from a perspective viewing a thing as thoroughly fucked and skewered as the hypocrisy of “American freedom”, and if it’s not powerful it’s only because no one is recognizing it’s potential usefulness. I’d love to organize for my community if anyone is willing to accept me and also agree that Authorities of all stripes must be persuades with logic AND sophistry to the side of peace and recognition first and foremost to the least fortunate, which is the hardest maybe for me to talk about given my cosmic circumstantial privilege. That being the case I am often against myself when I try to talk about morality.

The songs on this collection weren’t chosen with too much thought about good sequencing or “flow” but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

1. Comin for you / Comin for me

This song is all about John Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid.

2. You’re Supposed to Be Your Government

This song was written during the time when people were first demonstrating for the removal of Hosni Mumbarak as president or whatever he was, for Egypt as he “chilled inside his citadel of Gold”. The phrase “You’re supposed to be your government” seems like it should be a no-brainer in a democracy but it seems like many on the “libertarian right” are of the opinion that government is evil. If they really believe that then maybe they should call for the abolition of the military as it’s becoming ever more clear that the military is a priority for elected officials more so that human beings or citizens are. Case in point Chelsea Manning.

3. Call of Duty II

This song was originally called, you guessed it: Hiroshima Booth Babes. I wasn’t sure if this song was really the worst possible song an American could write about anything ever so I changed the title to be more blatantly ironic and hopefully critical, referencing the most popular videogame series in America, a simulation fantasy of a US military narrative from which you’re supposed to derive a cheap thrill from simulated murder which probably wouldn’t be possible without videogame development strides made in Japan. The setting is a videogame convention in modern day Hiroshima. The key to this song is the self loathing if there is to be any value derived from it’s interpretation.

4. Where’s the Bad Cop

I wrote this song during the time that meme of the cop macing those kids “occupying” Oakland happened. I’d like to play this at a PAL event sometime. I’m interested how different perspectives interpret this song.

5. Feral Hog pt 2

“I went to the store one day”.

6. Families Broken Ashtrays

This song was gonna be called “Big Pets and Cigarettes” an even less political title. The reason I’m putting this song on this mix is that I’ve come to view the lyrics as a journey of the narrator toward accepting a view of his self as a member of and a servant of a community directing the “villiage heart”’s tangents towards what is good and relevant to the betterment of the community again even if the tangents must pretend at first. This is an unabashed and unashamed utopian phantasy song. My own town in reality is a different story that has yet to unfold fully, I hope for the best it is hard to communicate with people who have such radically different perspectives and experiences and I admit that I haven’t tried as much as I’d like to it’s hard enough getting the community center to agree to do an all ages punk show. If they can’t trust that then how will they ever let their beauracratic guard down.

7. Awesome Spectacle Great Simulacra

This song imagines comedy duo Tim and Eric as Guy Debord and Jean Baudrillard. I feel that Tim especially has a healthy spirit of hatred against what Debord called “THE SPECTACLE”. A bad biography I glanced through once on Debord vaguely described a suicide pact he went through with.

Since I consider myself -to a degree- a simulacra of Bob Dylan I’ll tell you that the Gray area of “the magazines of Time” referred to in the song was probably unconsciously nicked from the don’t look back documentary when he’s grilling the dude about how he’s stupid for working for Time Magazine.

8. Prince Albert

This song isn’t really political in terms of any really overt unified message as far as I’m prepared to write about right now but it’s lyrics do evoke american political language. The gerrymandering of the soul is what you do as you grow older and have to compartmentalize your “childish” desires and store them away. Eventually hopefully you’ll find it and peel back the tops of the cans to let Pandora’s contents out. Some of their grievances must be worthy.

9. David Icke

David Icke used to be a leader in the British Green Party until he had some strange experiences that made him want to write books about Lizard People controlling the government. If we take it purely as metaphor it’s a useful tool in the fight against plutocracy oligarchy and the “%1” if it’s not useful well then I guess at least it was sort of funny. This song touches on identity and how it relates to political affiliation and it has vauge traces of how gender and sexuality relates to identity which I touch on in other songs on the album this comes from “COLORING”. You might ask me “Will, how does it do that?” and I would say back to you that I can’t make all this shit up by myself- it’s a conversation where we need the space and the respect between ourselves to allow creativity to flourish and experience to be shared because that’s the only thing that will ensure the safety of manatees moving forward in the global real politik. And if you don’t care about manatees then kindly fuck off and die.

10. I just Left

This song’s really depressing and it’s about how no one gives a fuck about manatees. It’s also about how when I die God will put me in purgatory because I cared more about stupid blink 182 then I did about manatees. I wanted to rerecord this song nicely but we were all too drunk and what’s the point anyway? Just kidding maybe someday Hunter Davidson will record it after I make enough money selling my time doing something ultimately destructive to the planet for minimum wage.

11. Invisible Lines Invisible Faces

The invisible lines are the lines of Nation states. The invisible faces are the ones no one sees after they die at the hands of our government’s monopoly on violence. And yea it’s not all about religion but it’s a factor that people need to transcend to realize the value of lives outside their realm of compassion which generally tend to be materially invisible social constructs.

12. Baptist Church

This song is about the platonic perfection of brand logo’s and the perfection in their reproduction and it’s effect on the imagination of the consumer and it’s relation to the subject’s cultural history. This description and for that matter all of these descriptions is why I don’t care about school or grammar. This writing is art. Are you happy now?

13. The Administration of Fear

This song title was taken from a book of the same name by “post-modern French theorist” Paul Virilio. I’m interested in poetics and inspiration when it comes to ideas so I don’t care about “correct interpretation” of what this guy means by “the velocity of speed” I have no desire to go to school for “post-modern philosophy” and I have a feeling that’s ok for the purposes of what I’m trying to do and maybe it’s always ok, maybe “post modernism” is a term unconsciously created and used as a last refuge for the priviledged white male (which I both benefit from and am oppressed by within my self and my own cultural identity).

The phrase “the dialectic has been weighed” in the song points to the impotence of theory that is only delegated to the obscurantist philosophy departments at “difficult” university programs. “Difficult” texts should not be written for the benefit of society, anyone with a true love for wisdom would want to benefit society in the clearest most lucid way possible.

If you understand philosophy then why not try to make other people understand it like say for instance Police officers or people who act like police officers. Work needs to be done widening the small mind’s conception of freedom and equality and universal moral concepts and how they fall short in the practice of everyday life.

There are many elementary philosophical principles & moral principles that everyone agrees are correct yet the implementation of them is what is holding everyone back because the implementation has historically excluded people who were not wealthy landowning white males. Work has to be done unraveling the knot of deceit accumulated over the centuries to favor this class of person because people are still duped by the hegemony’s surface rationalization of “fairness”.

The book The Administration of Fear is an interview book starting out with a story about how the Nazi’s would dress up geurilla style in city streets and murder people in the town Paul grew up in while it was being occupied by the Germans in WWII. I didn’t read the rest of it yet. It doesn’t matter the title is something everyone should understand immediately.

Esperanto is a language created by someone -I think last century- with the intent to amalgamate all the romance languages.

The Administration of Fear to me means the organization or any organization that appeals to the power the state’s monopoly on violence wields. Obama went on “The View” explaining to Whoopsie Goldberg that we all have to chill with our lizard cortex. I trust he was trying to speak as a human and not as a politician in that moment, I’m sure he’s doing what he understands to be right and necessary but he’s still in control of a section of the Administration of Fear and probably shouldn’t have gotten the nobel prize by default categorically if we are to believe in free will.

I don’t know.

Ralph Nader says everyone needs to form town congressional watchdog groups to keep the administration of fear in check. Is it a utopian phantasy or an achievable but awkward and difficult and humbling path to attempt to walk? Am I just talking in the service of my ego or are these dreams worth having?

These dreams are contingent on the group and the actions of that group. Old table is a rock group. GI Dave says rock and roll is the greatest justifier of consumer capitalism. This is the cognitive dissonance I live with and would like to overcome by calling right now for the peaceful legalization of the commune in America.

14. Future World

This is not a political song. It’s another utopian dream attempting to push through the dystopian nightmare.

15. Anarchy

If anarchy is to be of any use whatsoever it will not have a style. Not have a culture. It will be a pure idea that will drive the communication of that subject. Checking the justification of Authority -especially violent authority- at every turn. Allowing the Other to color and dance around the boundaries of peace for the benefit of (ideally) universal life. Anarchy starts and ends with everyday relationships in practice. Anarchy in theory might resort to violence in an impotent mind that has lost the will to communicate to appeal to “the Other”.

Everyone should just vote on facebook and facebook should be taken over by the people. Internet Wifi should be free and open to the public for the benefit of society. Basic food and shelter should be provided for in America by the taxpayer instead of for the benefit of the monopoly on violence and it’s evil contented paymasters. Education about sex and overpopulation should be emphasized and the corporate media and banks should be broken up and abolished by the Sherman anti trust act. Schools should be fully funded and take over portions of local media for the benefit of all sentient life. All people including and especially all army affiliates should put their guns in a pile and get to work organizing support groups for the physically and psychologically under cared for which will probably include themselves.

New Album: SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT will be out in May. Thanks to everyone who help me out with the production of it, and thanks for being patient about receiving the stuff. Thanks if you read this far. “And as always keep the faith” –Tavis Smiley

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Animal Trilogy Liner Notes

Old table – Liner Notes

Since 2003 I’ve been releasing songs under the name Old table. That name was chosen because of it’s comic irrelevance and arbitrary mundanity compared with other punk bands. As time goes by it acquires more potential meanings, a simple reliable utilitarian object so necessary and unremarkable that it becomes practically invisible (your beer floating in the air), or maybe just something that should be replaced with something more reliable and attractive.

I had a band between high school and community college with 3 friends, the magic was there, we had a beautiful and unique chemistry and all of our early practices would yield a new unexpected song growing out naturally from the 4 members of the band (Me, Kat Lee, Mike V, Steve T [aka Sook]) riffing off of each other and complimenting one and other’s ideas, it was a very special time musically and personally for all of us. I suggested the name Old table and they liked it and thought it was funny but in the end it wasn’t right for us, we considered the name Foam-Core Choir before finally settling on Motion Picture Cutouts (aka MPC). Old table would never write songs the way MPC did, nor has any other band I’ve been in before or since.

At MPC’s first show I told Alana Fitzgerald that I wanted our name to be “Old table” but that I guess I could make that a side project, she said “Old table should be your only project”.

Given this burst of confidence combined with the nature of how MPC wrote (and rejected) music, I decided I would record a tape of songs I had written myself and play all the instruments because I liked the way I played all the instruments and it was fun to record that way.

Old table – “Mental Horse” (2003)

  1. Obviously Art- You can hear the end of a take of the MPC song “Floating Envelope” at the beginning of this song. I’m not sure if I came up with the song title before or after but the idea was clear from the beginning even if it might be hard to articulate. The spirit at the time of the recording to me was of contempt for “pretentious” projects that are “Obviously Art” meaning that they basically have no meaning, and anything with a prerequisite of having no meaning at all in this world that is upside down is “Obviously Art”. I took a record lying around of “Frog and Toad are friends” and then I played the riff for Eric Satie’s Gymnopidie. At the time I felt they were completely arbitrary but looking back they just aren’t at all personally and frankly, and now I feel that I had no choice but to choose those 2 things at the time, and furthermore I feel as though this song along with my whole oeuvre IS INDEED OBVIOUSLY ART. Have I turned into what I used to hate the most?
  2. “It Made me a Believer”- Actual Quote- This song was written when I was listening to Fugazi’s 13 Songs a lot, it doesn’t really make sense on the surface but I think the rhythmic aspect of it maybe is related somehow. Kat Lee actually helped me flesh out the vocal melody for this song, and after she did a mini revelation came to me about how to put vocals to sound, one trick is to not care or think too much, she has gone uncredited until now, so thanks Kat. This song has never really left the live repertoire. The lyrics are about a commercial for “Steve Sohn’s Jujitsu Concepts” a Karate/Tai Bo (or something) Dojo you would see commercials for back in the late 90’s early 00’s. Dojo’s are a mystical place in childhood, a still standing structure of a nother world where honor, physical agility and strength still actually matter. As we age and become societal automatons these ideas disappear to the realm where magic dies and comes back to zombified life as jaded ignorance. In the commercial there is a group of children chanting things like “HONOR! RESPECT!” etc while doing the basic karate punch where you alternate punching and spinning each wrist as you go. The commercial was comically cultish and creepy. When I was 5 I took karate with Sook I think he got blue tape on his belt where I actually stopped before I got it.
  3. Garbage- There’s supposed to be an accent dash over the second “a” pronounced “garbaaj” like how the French say it. This song and “Singalong Garbage” were supposed to be allusions –in title only- to the Paul McCartney songs Junk and Singalong Junk from his first solo album, which was a big inspiration on me (he also played all the instruments himself and indulged in a lot of experimental melodic instrumental filler). I liked the idea of cramming 2 completely different types of song in one and shifting between them in different ways, that was exciting for me at the time. We used to play this live sometimes with KY (bass) and CJ (Drums). One time Emma Covello and Steve Yankou had a rap battle during the 2nd half of the song.
  4. Doin’ Drugs- I had a friend in High School who I heard was messing around with Drugs. The lyrics are about my thoughts and fears with regards to that shit-sitch. Noah Britton thinks this one is a classic but he can do without the guitar solo. It was always hard teaching the band where the accents should be in the very end. To me it’s apparent even on the poorly executed official recording where I wanted them even if I didn’t hit the bullseye. This could possibly be the story of my life…
  5. Mental Horse- The title track. I came up with the design for The Horse years before I wrote the song or had the idea for the band (the same is true for the bear drawing for “The Bear”). It’s basically a telepathic alien horse who may or may not be stranded on a planet where he can’t communicate with anyone so he just projects his waves out hoping to have some feeling reciprocated by another entity who might acknowledge him. I wrote the chorus to this song after witnessing the greatest punk band ever and bros for life No One and the Somebodies, I wanted to write a song half as cool as speed trap.
  6. Singalong Garbage- Same pronunciation applies to this one as #3. I used to just feel like recording anything and I would start the tape and start playing guitar maybe 65% sure of how I wanted it to sound. The first version of this song was one of the first experiments I really loved. When I finished it I woke my Mom up to make her listen to it. She didn’t really go nuts over it so I stopped doing things like that. The version of this song on the record is the 2nd take and the first time we hear my sister Becky Chair on an Old table record. We recorded in the kitchen and you can hear my mom say “wow” at the end. I’m not sure if she was watching TV or what, I don’t think it has anything to do with the song.
  7. Accordion Mechanic- We used to play this song in my High School band Cardboard Shoe with Chris Uriola and Ian Carrol. I really liked this song when I wrote it and I started to think it would probably be the best song I ever wrote. It tells the story of an Accordion Mechanic who is in love or obsessed with someone who lives in his building. There is a mention of Levi’s pants that threatens to throw the entire world off course.
  8. Don’t Even Think (Much Less Twice)- A relationship song about the narrator, a girl and her mysterious chauffer. I forget how to play this song sometimes but I can always figure it out again eventually. My guitar playing was probably more innovative back when I didn’t really know how to play “properly”.

Mental Horse was recorded on a 4-Track and dubbed by hand onto tapes. The artwork was black & white photocopied and cut. I’m not sure how many I made maybe 35-50 copies total. I’d sell them for $3 at shows or give them away. Key people who I remember encourageing me early on were: Ann Fitzgerald, The Brothers Yankou, Matt Peterson, CJ Bellacero, Geoff Duncanson, Aria Flowers, Amy Eisenberg, GI Dave, Ben Pasternack, Kat Lee, Jean-Baptiste Stowell. These people and some others encouraged me to continue making music.

At some point in winter 2003 my parents went away on vacation so I set a show up at my house. The first line up of Old table was Kat Lee on Drums and Sook on Bass. I wish this line-up could have lasted longer because they were really good players but alas it wasn’t meant to be and we only played the one show. We played all 8 songs on the Mental Horse tape in order. I think the Vibration was supposed to play but Randy got sick. This white girl rapper Brida B (who had a song about seeing her dad in boxer briefs) was supposed to play but she backed out for some reason I can’t remember. I honestly can’t remember who else played but there was at least 2 other bands, possibly Blue Velvet, I think Genuine Imitations might have played, maybe even NOATS but I don’t think so…

Over the next few months I started recording more random snippets of ideas for songs that I thought maybe I’d rerecord. I had a little scene of a tree on a hill with a moon and a shadowy triangular bear-like figure that I used to draw and redraw in notebooks for at least a year. I thought that THE BEAR would be a good follow up title for Mental Horse. In early-mid 2004 I made photocopies of this image with some text to hang up around the Scarsdale Teen Center: “COMING SOON: THE BEAR”

The Bear (2004)

1. Sexual Anxiety- The first Old table song to feature a real acoustic Piano, first Ot song to feature trumpet and the first Anarcho-Jazzrock song ever recorded. Part of a ridiculous sub-trilogy of piano songs, the other titles being Sexual Attraction and Sexual Frustration, recorded originally on a camcorder. One copy was made and shown to maybe 3 people total. The first expression of what would turn out to be a recurring theme in Old table of Sexual Confusion, later articulated with bravery and quixotic mania in the “It Ain’t Like That” section of the still unrecognized seminal classic “Coloring”.

2. Look What You Do To Me- The music mirrors the fractured feelings of not fully requited love, the guitar either unknowingly or stubbornly doing something wrong yet somehow complimentary. Features “MAY” instead of “ME” as in the expression “Excuse May!”. Blah blah etc is an allusion to the minutemen’s #1 hit song.

3. Feral Hog pt1- This song is mostly about being a stupid animal.

4. portrait of bear- The bear walks in the night. The title is a riff on the Thelonious Monk title Portrait of an Eremite, which I later learned he didn’t even title his French producer titled it, Monk later called it “reflections”. Doesn’t really have anything to do with this song but I wrote it anyway.

5. Youze a Snake!- Dennis Meade wrote on the Old table myspace page something like “Dude you’re like angry at God on this new tape it’s great!” to which I replied something like “haha yea, thanks!”. Dennis also told me around this time that a bear was a name for big hairy lumberjack-esque gay dudes. When I gave this tape to my Philosophy Professor at WCC he said that he thought the vocals should be more angry on this song, so I asked Kevin Yankou aka “The KY” to sing as well. The KY had started to play bass in Old table and MPC when Sook got tired of playing songs that weren’t fast punk. He has been a close collaborator in one form or another ever since.

6. bear hug- I think the drum and laugh you hear in the very beginning is Amy Eisenberg on a Scottish Whores recording. This could be the most forgotten Old table song. I’ve certainly forgotten how to play the guitar part.

7. Crack Owl- There was a guy named Matt who went to WCC who was insane and whenever you talked to him he would tell you the histories of local punk bands that only existed in his head, they were always amusing and fun to hear about but the one day he said “Crack Owl” I flipped out laughing and immediately wanted to steal it and possibly rename my band. He ended up naming his crazy band Crack Owl and I settled on naming this song Crack Owl. I came up with the guitar part when I was jamming at GW Duncanson’s house one time playing around with different tunings. The song Late July Alien’s Blood uses the same tuning and sometimes I’d do this song for the intro instead of the regular intro live.

  1. Feral Hog pt 2- I thought it would be funny to name this song Feral Hog pt2 because it was nothing like Feral Hog Pt 1 (OR IS IT? “I WENT TO THE STORE” THE BRUTALITY OF ALL ENCOMPASING CAPITALISM IS ANIMALISTIC AND WE MUST EVOLVE AND TRANSCEND COMPETITION). “Sweetness in the Dojo” marks the beginning of non-sequitur/inside jokes recited by Becky Chair.
  2. Whacha Want- This song is the prequel to the song “Pathetic Existence Guy” on Coloring. Years after I wrote this song I would get really hardcore into Guided By Voices and the big intentional surprising crash sound reminds me of a similar expression in the GBV song Scalding Creek.
  3. Annihilate Knee High Lists- This Song is pretty sweet I haven’t listened to it in a while. It’s got a good message too. Nihilists should all convert to Meliorists at least. Reminds me of “Wild Celery” on Coloring.
  4. Trumpet Time- I showed my older sister this song and she got mad at me, well not really mad but like deeply annoyed that I made this. I gave Professor Goodyear this tape at WCC because he was genuinely supportive and helpful and encouraging with intellectual and creative activity for his students he is the man. A week later after class one day he was telling me what he thought of it, he said he enjoyed it it was very unique and it had a few spots with some really nice guitar chords, then he said “OK Will I gotta go… It’s Trumpet Time.” And I knew I had accomplished something.

Amy really liked the Bear tape, she said she was looking forward to the next old table album more than she was the next Steve Malkmus solo album. I think she played it when it came out over the speakers at the White Plains Borders. A few people that didn’t really like Pavement that much said we were better than Pavement. Old table was riding high on friend’s approval, except Matt Peterson wrote a formal review in a personal email to me saying that he thought I should wait a couple of Albums before I did any experimental stuff and he cited the fact that Captain Beefheart had at least 2 Albums of poppy material before Trout Mask. I didn’t really know what to think but I got the sense that it didn’t really matter and that Matt was a somewhat absurd individual. I am also an absurd individual and I miss him writing me letters like that.

One day I was playing Earthbound on Super Nintendo and I decided I’d steal the name of one of the enemies in the game for my next tape and final installment of what was now “THE OLD TABLE ANIMAL TRILOGY”

Spiteful Crow

  1. Pythagoras- Ryan Marino’s favorite Old table song. This turned out to be a song who’s lyrics make more sense to me as the years go by. Pythagoras, the great Greek Mathematician and Philosopher, I had read in a book, didn’t allow his followers/ students to eat any beans because of a resemblance to embryos. Weird. I wrote the lyrics to this song from the perspective of someone who was in Pythagoras’s school who’s friend or family member one day tried eating beans and was completely excommunicated. This is his or her song to him or her who tried the beans. Is there something mystically wrong about eating beans? Was Pythagoras right in this respect as he was in many others? The song also imagines a world where mothers can’t write and fathers can’t knit. It’s a little social commentary for ya there.
  2. Ode- This song is awesome, no one remembers or cares about it so I gotta toot my own horn on this one guys.
  3. Late July Alien’s Blood- This song is about first love lost. The alienation of the protagonist metaphorically represented in the song by his representational Alien’s Blood. This song was indeed named after the Late July Cookies. I saw them in the supermarket and the design on the box looked beautiful which I think made me think it would make a beautiful song.
  4. Spec of Sand- This is the only Song Amy has specifically told me was gay. Yea it’s one of the gayest songs we have but I think it’s good if you’re in the mood. I tried to make a whole song out of the first line of Beefheart’s “Fallin’ Ditch”. I just loved the chords and notes in the first couple of seconds of that song and then it changes. I honestly think I failed miserably in elongating and sustaining that particular feeling but I still don’t think it’s bad. We’ve never played it live though and we probably never will.
  5. Flight of the Spiteful Crow- Catherine aka “Andrew Broccoli” says “Oh look what’s that” Becky Chair says “spiteful Crow???”
  6. Sailing Song- There are 2 drum tracks on this song. It was partly inspired by a thing I did in kindergarten that was hanging up in my basement that Catherine said she liked once. Sometimes I’ll play this live –solo- faster and more bluesy.
  7. Eskimo Song- Everybody seemed to like this one. We never played it with the band but I would play it solo sometimes by request, it’s a really short song but I’d still forget the lyrics. I think this was the first song I wrote that was ever covered by someone else and that someone was Anthony DaCosta. Thanks Anthony! It’s a cute story about 2 Inuits. I realized after the fact that maybe I should have called it Inuit Song but it actually doesn’t even make sense or really even matter to anyone probably J This is sort of a sequel to The last song on the Mental Horse tape. I wasn’t sure if deciding to add that final flourish of sax and piano and drum was cheesey, but I did it as a little final wave goodbye. It sounds a little weird and awkward but I guess that’s the vibe of the whole trilogy anyway.

I was excited when I finally finished the trilogy and I put them all on one tape for Amy and a few other people these are extremely rare items and are also worth absolutely nothing on ebay. But too much self deprication is unattractive. I’m proud of this trilogy and I’d like to thank everyone for encouraging me to make music during this period of my life I hope there are a handful of people who enjoyed reading these liner notes. If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to email me at oldtable@gmail.com thanks again!


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Old table proudly Presents: the "Classic Cuts" Series!

Here's some fresh links that should work for your listening pleasure and convenience...


Taking Care of Business (2012) http://www.mediafire.com/?d5nd9kdrwcwf2p0
The title says it all on this one folks. It's Old table taking care of the business they call their very own. Taken from one legendary night of sessions in January 2012 at Teh Olive Garden Recording Studios in the Bronx NY, Plus other scattered 4 track gems peppering the album to delectable entrepreneurial perfection.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "Hurricane Chris" "Freedom of Property" & "Baptist Church"

Sexual Reproduction (2008) http://www.mediafire.com/?owfmuasug7wj5eb

Some call it the first "listenable" Ot album. Simplified to Guitar, Cello, and Vocal. This short collection showcases some of the most sophisticated emo cuts in the Table oeuvre.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "High School", "No Words Exchanged", "The Rounds"

Messin' 'Round. A eulogy to carefree childish expression, as a road is paved against it's will to a segregated consciousness of one form or another. 28 tracks.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "George Clooney in Outer Space", "A Warning to Students of Academic Philosophy", "What Can I Say?"

'06 (1806) http://www.mediafire.com/?zxdu4ptli2921mr

Technically Ot's first full length album, '06 is an ode to a year of pain and pleasure, justice and indifference, retardation and ridiculousness, Country heartbreak and Suburban complacency. 1806.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "Countin'", "An Eyelid", "Art Critic Time-Farting"

Animal Trilogy (2003-2005) http://www.mediafire.com/?avj9g03y73cqcy3

Anthology of the first 3 Old table tapes. Mental Horse, The Bear and Spiteful Crow. Expertly remastered from original archival source tapes by GW Duncanson.

Featuring the Classic Cuts: "Accordion Mechanic", "Late July Alien's Blood", "Feral Hog pt II"

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Here's the 2nd Radio Performace of Willie Table on SUNY Purchase Radio's Joke Night with Stead Turkey


Monday, February 18, 2013

Old table / Cash Miracle 

"Frank's Chair Repair?"

////Split CD////

-Old table-
1. Jerry Lee Manville
2. I See Colors
3. Branford's X-Calcium
4. Mouse Taxi
5. Tribal Democracy

-Cash Miracle-

6. Gemini
7. The Guy Who Looked Alright
8. Trust Your Baby
9. Galileo's Thumb
10. Mayflower

Recorded by Jed Oelbaum at Silver Medal Studios in Chinatown, NYC

Artwork by  and Yair Oelbaum

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~Old Table / Jesse Carsten~ split release!

You can easily download the mp3z below: http://www.mediafire.com/?aabu8j72j2xpkqo

Please freely share these trax with your friends.

Also, you can pre-order these beautiful, dark-blue, pro-dubbed, pro-printed cassettes, with sparkling white wrap-around sleeves by sending $ 7 (paypal) to jesse.emil.carsten@gmail.com to ensure one ends up on yr doorstep..... Thanks!

♋ Ⓐ ∞

Jesse Carsten / Old table Split Cassette (February 2013)

Side A - Old table

1. Four Leafed Clover
2. Leaves Me, Leaves Me
3. Psyche Yourself Out
4. Nightmare Wire
5. Sherry
6. Where's the Bad Cop? (Live)
7. Luxury Van
8. Culture Maker Side

- B Jesse Carsten

1. On the Run
2. Hide in a Man
3. Wild Thing (what it takes to be free)
4. Flash in the Pan
5. Barest Commitment

Recorded in Portland Oregon Spring 2012 on a TASCAM 4-Track

Radio Interview and Performance

SUNY Purchase Radio Interview of Will Table by Stead Turkey of The Joke Night Radio Hour http://jokenite.bandcamp.com/track/joke-nite-with-sted-turkey-feat-old-table