Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Political Mind of William Moloney

I’ve attempted to put together a collection of my most Political Songs. Soon all my albums will be taken off the internet so I’m leaving little imprints of their existence around for those interested.

The first political science professor I had at Westchester Community College was pretty cool. He was what people call a “crazy conspiracy theorist” He wanted people to call him “Joe”.

Joe can be seen asking Noam Chomsky for an Autograph in the movie Power and Terror: in Our Times. Joe told us about COINTELPRO and CIA Assasinations and “secret” wars and things like that. For the final project he had everyone pick an event or topic like this from a list and write about whether they agreed or not with his perspective. Joe was a visionary or is a visionary I don’t know what he’s up to now. He had a mullet or STLB (Short on Top Long on Bottom haircut). He talked about the circular nature of “Right Wing” Facism and “Left Wing” Communism. The conclusion I’ve come to is that labels are a trap impeding collectivized notions of value.

What purpose could a “democratic” tax collecting government possibly have other than to set values and moral standards to collective resources and or the materially symbolic representation of credit. The only thing “our government” seems to be concerned with is the direction of the monopolization of violence.

Anyway school sucks and it can’t acknowledge it’s relationship to the ills of society because it is not yet fully alienated and separate from them.

So anyway you might say I have a na├»ve view but maybe that’s the only way to extract value from a perspective viewing a thing as thoroughly fucked and skewered as the hypocrisy of “American freedom”, and if it’s not powerful it’s only because no one is recognizing it’s potential usefulness. I’d love to organize for my community if anyone is willing to accept me and also agree that Authorities of all stripes must be persuades with logic AND sophistry to the side of peace and recognition first and foremost to the least fortunate, which is the hardest maybe for me to talk about given my cosmic circumstantial privilege. That being the case I am often against myself when I try to talk about morality.

The songs on this collection weren’t chosen with too much thought about good sequencing or “flow” but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

1. Comin for you / Comin for me

This song is all about John Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid.

2. You’re Supposed to Be Your Government

This song was written during the time when people were first demonstrating for the removal of Hosni Mumbarak as president or whatever he was, for Egypt as he “chilled inside his citadel of Gold”. The phrase “You’re supposed to be your government” seems like it should be a no-brainer in a democracy but it seems like many on the “libertarian right” are of the opinion that government is evil. If they really believe that then maybe they should call for the abolition of the military as it’s becoming ever more clear that the military is a priority for elected officials more so that human beings or citizens are. Case in point Chelsea Manning.

3. Call of Duty II

This song was originally called, you guessed it: Hiroshima Booth Babes. I wasn’t sure if this song was really the worst possible song an American could write about anything ever so I changed the title to be more blatantly ironic and hopefully critical, referencing the most popular videogame series in America, a simulation fantasy of a US military narrative from which you’re supposed to derive a cheap thrill from simulated murder which probably wouldn’t be possible without videogame development strides made in Japan. The setting is a videogame convention in modern day Hiroshima. The key to this song is the self loathing if there is to be any value derived from it’s interpretation.

4. Where’s the Bad Cop

I wrote this song during the time that meme of the cop macing those kids “occupying” Oakland happened. I’d like to play this at a PAL event sometime. I’m interested how different perspectives interpret this song.

5. Feral Hog pt 2

“I went to the store one day”.

6. Families Broken Ashtrays

This song was gonna be called “Big Pets and Cigarettes” an even less political title. The reason I’m putting this song on this mix is that I’ve come to view the lyrics as a journey of the narrator toward accepting a view of his self as a member of and a servant of a community directing the “villiage heart”’s tangents towards what is good and relevant to the betterment of the community again even if the tangents must pretend at first. This is an unabashed and unashamed utopian phantasy song. My own town in reality is a different story that has yet to unfold fully, I hope for the best it is hard to communicate with people who have such radically different perspectives and experiences and I admit that I haven’t tried as much as I’d like to it’s hard enough getting the community center to agree to do an all ages punk show. If they can’t trust that then how will they ever let their beauracratic guard down.

7. Awesome Spectacle Great Simulacra

This song imagines comedy duo Tim and Eric as Guy Debord and Jean Baudrillard. I feel that Tim especially has a healthy spirit of hatred against what Debord called “THE SPECTACLE”. A bad biography I glanced through once on Debord vaguely described a suicide pact he went through with.

Since I consider myself -to a degree- a simulacra of Bob Dylan I’ll tell you that the Gray area of “the magazines of Time” referred to in the song was probably unconsciously nicked from the don’t look back documentary when he’s grilling the dude about how he’s stupid for working for Time Magazine.

8. Prince Albert

This song isn’t really political in terms of any really overt unified message as far as I’m prepared to write about right now but it’s lyrics do evoke american political language. The gerrymandering of the soul is what you do as you grow older and have to compartmentalize your “childish” desires and store them away. Eventually hopefully you’ll find it and peel back the tops of the cans to let Pandora’s contents out. Some of their grievances must be worthy.

9. David Icke

David Icke used to be a leader in the British Green Party until he had some strange experiences that made him want to write books about Lizard People controlling the government. If we take it purely as metaphor it’s a useful tool in the fight against plutocracy oligarchy and the “%1” if it’s not useful well then I guess at least it was sort of funny. This song touches on identity and how it relates to political affiliation and it has vauge traces of how gender and sexuality relates to identity which I touch on in other songs on the album this comes from “COLORING”. You might ask me “Will, how does it do that?” and I would say back to you that I can’t make all this shit up by myself- it’s a conversation where we need the space and the respect between ourselves to allow creativity to flourish and experience to be shared because that’s the only thing that will ensure the safety of manatees moving forward in the global real politik. And if you don’t care about manatees then kindly fuck off and die.

10. I just Left

This song’s really depressing and it’s about how no one gives a fuck about manatees. It’s also about how when I die God will put me in purgatory because I cared more about stupid blink 182 then I did about manatees. I wanted to rerecord this song nicely but we were all too drunk and what’s the point anyway? Just kidding maybe someday Hunter Davidson will record it after I make enough money selling my time doing something ultimately destructive to the planet for minimum wage.

11. Invisible Lines Invisible Faces

The invisible lines are the lines of Nation states. The invisible faces are the ones no one sees after they die at the hands of our government’s monopoly on violence. And yea it’s not all about religion but it’s a factor that people need to transcend to realize the value of lives outside their realm of compassion which generally tend to be materially invisible social constructs.

12. Baptist Church

This song is about the platonic perfection of brand logo’s and the perfection in their reproduction and it’s effect on the imagination of the consumer and it’s relation to the subject’s cultural history. This description and for that matter all of these descriptions is why I don’t care about school or grammar. This writing is art. Are you happy now?

13. The Administration of Fear

This song title was taken from a book of the same name by “post-modern French theorist” Paul Virilio. I’m interested in poetics and inspiration when it comes to ideas so I don’t care about “correct interpretation” of what this guy means by “the velocity of speed” I have no desire to go to school for “post-modern philosophy” and I have a feeling that’s ok for the purposes of what I’m trying to do and maybe it’s always ok, maybe “post modernism” is a term unconsciously created and used as a last refuge for the priviledged white male (which I both benefit from and am oppressed by within my self and my own cultural identity).

The phrase “the dialectic has been weighed” in the song points to the impotence of theory that is only delegated to the obscurantist philosophy departments at “difficult” university programs. “Difficult” texts should not be written for the benefit of society, anyone with a true love for wisdom would want to benefit society in the clearest most lucid way possible.

If you understand philosophy then why not try to make other people understand it like say for instance Police officers or people who act like police officers. Work needs to be done widening the small mind’s conception of freedom and equality and universal moral concepts and how they fall short in the practice of everyday life.

There are many elementary philosophical principles & moral principles that everyone agrees are correct yet the implementation of them is what is holding everyone back because the implementation has historically excluded people who were not wealthy landowning white males. Work has to be done unraveling the knot of deceit accumulated over the centuries to favor this class of person because people are still duped by the hegemony’s surface rationalization of “fairness”.

The book The Administration of Fear is an interview book starting out with a story about how the Nazi’s would dress up geurilla style in city streets and murder people in the town Paul grew up in while it was being occupied by the Germans in WWII. I didn’t read the rest of it yet. It doesn’t matter the title is something everyone should understand immediately.

Esperanto is a language created by someone -I think last century- with the intent to amalgamate all the romance languages.

The Administration of Fear to me means the organization or any organization that appeals to the power the state’s monopoly on violence wields. Obama went on “The View” explaining to Whoopsie Goldberg that we all have to chill with our lizard cortex. I trust he was trying to speak as a human and not as a politician in that moment, I’m sure he’s doing what he understands to be right and necessary but he’s still in control of a section of the Administration of Fear and probably shouldn’t have gotten the nobel prize by default categorically if we are to believe in free will.

I don’t know.

Ralph Nader says everyone needs to form town congressional watchdog groups to keep the administration of fear in check. Is it a utopian phantasy or an achievable but awkward and difficult and humbling path to attempt to walk? Am I just talking in the service of my ego or are these dreams worth having?

These dreams are contingent on the group and the actions of that group. Old table is a rock group. GI Dave says rock and roll is the greatest justifier of consumer capitalism. This is the cognitive dissonance I live with and would like to overcome by calling right now for the peaceful legalization of the commune in America.

14. Future World

This is not a political song. It’s another utopian dream attempting to push through the dystopian nightmare.

15. Anarchy

If anarchy is to be of any use whatsoever it will not have a style. Not have a culture. It will be a pure idea that will drive the communication of that subject. Checking the justification of Authority -especially violent authority- at every turn. Allowing the Other to color and dance around the boundaries of peace for the benefit of (ideally) universal life. Anarchy starts and ends with everyday relationships in practice. Anarchy in theory might resort to violence in an impotent mind that has lost the will to communicate to appeal to “the Other”.

Everyone should just vote on facebook and facebook should be taken over by the people. Internet Wifi should be free and open to the public for the benefit of society. Basic food and shelter should be provided for in America by the taxpayer instead of for the benefit of the monopoly on violence and it’s evil contented paymasters. Education about sex and overpopulation should be emphasized and the corporate media and banks should be broken up and abolished by the Sherman anti trust act. Schools should be fully funded and take over portions of local media for the benefit of all sentient life. All people including and especially all army affiliates should put their guns in a pile and get to work organizing support groups for the physically and psychologically under cared for which will probably include themselves.

New Album: SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT will be out in May. Thanks to everyone who help me out with the production of it, and thanks for being patient about receiving the stuff. Thanks if you read this far. “And as always keep the faith” –Tavis Smiley