Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~Old Table / Jesse Carsten~ split release!

You can easily download the mp3z below:

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Also, you can pre-order these beautiful, dark-blue, pro-dubbed, pro-printed cassettes, with sparkling white wrap-around sleeves by sending $ 7 (paypal) to to ensure one ends up on yr doorstep..... Thanks!

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Jesse Carsten / Old table Split Cassette (February 2013)

Side A - Old table

1. Four Leafed Clover
2. Leaves Me, Leaves Me
3. Psyche Yourself Out
4. Nightmare Wire
5. Sherry
6. Where's the Bad Cop? (Live)
7. Luxury Van
8. Culture Maker Side

- B Jesse Carsten

1. On the Run
2. Hide in a Man
3. Wild Thing (what it takes to be free)
4. Flash in the Pan
5. Barest Commitment

Recorded in Portland Oregon Spring 2012 on a TASCAM 4-Track


  1. Thanks a million for this. Also, I was crushed when I lost all my music from my library recently (all the Old Table albums I had on there were deleted) and realized that I could no longer download '06, Animal Trilogy, and Sexual Reproduction. Could you reupload those albums by any chance? I would be forever indebted to you if you managed to get those back up.

  2. Thanks for your interest they can all be found here now!